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Mountain Rise Granola


Welcome To Mountain Rise Organics

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are a small family run business that started as a certified organic farm in 1998. Our Mountain Rise Granola was created as a gift to me from my wife Marcia. We never even intended to sell it!

When we decided to take it to the farmers market the first time to fill out our stand in the spring, we never expected the rave reviews we received. Customers just loved the chunky texture and flavor. We feel fortunate to still be able to produce our granola on our farm. We owe it all to our customers who have been loyal and supportive for all these years.

Thanks to all! - Glenn and Marcia        

Mountain Rise Granola

Mountain Rise Granola

The response for our Mountain Rise Granola has been incredible, and we thank all of our customers for their continued support. Find your inner mountain, enjoy Mountain Rise Granola!

Mountain Rise Organics Herbs

Organic Herb Blends and Lavender Sugar

These herbal blends were created from Marcia's favorite herbs. The organic lavender sugar is a delicious blend to sweeten your tea or lemonade. It can also be used in baking (cookie recipe included).

Mountain Rise Organics Bath

Mountain Rise Organics
Herbal Soaps

8 varieties of hand crafted soaps. Enhanced with liberal amounts of essential oils. Each bar is individually wrapped.

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