Our organic nut free granola comes in six delicious flavors all made with certified organic whole grains.

Black Bear Blend

Made with organic sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds (click image for more details)

Spice of Life

Made with organic cinnamon, ginger and raisins.(click photo for more details)

Monkey Business

Made with fresh organic bananas.(click picture for more details)

Original Organic Nut Free Granola


Made with organic whole grains(click the picture for more details)

Sizes of Original

Organic Nut Free Chunky Cocoa Granola

Chunky Cocoa

Made with organic cocoa powder(click picture for more details)

Sizes of Chunky Cocoa

Organic Nut Free Vegan Granola


Now made wheat free(click picture for more details)

Sizes of Vegan

All our Organic Nut Free Granola is handmade with certified organic ingredients, with whole grains (wheat, oats, corn). Every one of themĀ is vegan with the exception of our Original Granola which does contain eggs. While allĀ other vegan granola is made with soy milk.

Allergy Alert: Granola is produced in a facility that uses dairy, eggs, and soy products. May contain wheat, soy or eggs.

Baked in a nut, peanut and sesame seed free bakery.